TIE Fighter Suncatchers

Sky’s out, TIE’s out! Make a suncatcher of the First Order to catch the summer sunshine, no Starkiller Base required.

What You Need

  • Black, clear, and red fishbowl beads
  • Clean water bottle cap
  • Clear glue
  • Silicone mat

Get Started!

Begin by filling the bottle cap with a thin layer of clear glue. Place the clear fishbowl beads in the cap, flat side down. Let the glue dry completely.

Next, place the cap on the silicone mat. Draw a line of clear glue around the cap, thick enough to touch the cap and hold down the beads.

Glue one row of black fishbowl beads, with one red fishbowl bead, around the bottle cap.

Next, squeeze two lines of glue approximately the same length next to the circle of beads. (Again, make sure the glue is touching the circle of beads you just placed.) Stick the same number of black fishbowl beads along the lines.

Draw two smaller lines next to those two, and stick on the black fishbowl beads to complete the wings.

Let the glue dry completely overnight. Slowly peel the suncatcher from the silicone, and use clear tape to stick the bottle cap on your window.

Your First Order TIE/SF Fighter is complete!

You can use this same technique to make simpler TIE fighters, all black with just one row for wings.

You can also make your other favorite Star Wars characters with this method. Enjoy!

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