Star Wars Life Day Orb

There’s nothing quite like the Star Wars Holiday Special. If you ever get the opportunity to watch it, the experience is unforgettable! Make your own holidays unforgettable with this simple DIY Life Day orb inspired by the Star Wars Holiday Special.

What You Need

  • Large plastic DIY snow globe (empty)
  • White battery-powered LED light strand
  • Blue glitter glue
  • Foam paint brush
  • Silver spray paint

Get Started!

Begin by removing the lid of the snow globe. Spray paint it silver, and set aside to dry.

Next, remove the cap of the glitter glue and squeeze some into the globe.

Use the foam paint brush to evenly spread it around the inside of the globe. Let dry completely, preferably overnight.

Completely squeeze out more blue glitter glue into the globe for a second coat. Again, let dry completely, overnight if possible.

Place the LED lights inside and close the lid. Your Life Day Orb is complete!

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