BB-8 Stamp Card

BB-8 may be relatively new to the Star Wars universe, but he’s already a familiar figure to anyone who’s a fan of the movies. With just potatoes, paint, and paper, kids can put their own unique stamp on one-of-a-kind cards great for birthdays, holidays, or just any day.

What You Need

  • Two potatoes
  • White acrylic paint
  • White glitter
  • Cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Get Started!

Begin by slicing one potato in the middle, creating a large circle. Cut the top of the other potato, and then slice it in half again vertically. This will be BB-8’s head.

Fold a piece of cardstock (any color you prefer) in half.

Next, cut a piece of the white cardstock small enough to fit inside the folded cardstock, and glue it inside.

Let it dry, then fold the card closed.

Paint the white side of the potato with the white paint with a thick layer. Press it firmly in the middle of the front side of the folded card, and carefully remove the potato.

Next, do the same with the smaller quarter you cut, pressing it above the large circle you just made.

Use the paint brush to paint two small antennae on the top of BB-8’s head.

Before the paint dries, sprinkle the white glitter over the front of the card. Let the paint dry completely.

Your sparkly BB-8 card is complete! This craft is so quick, you can make batches of cards quickly and easily with the stamps you made.

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