Darth Vader Wreath

It’s Black Friday, so naturally, that means it’s time for a Dark Side holiday craft! (Wait, what do you mean that’s not what you do on Black Friday?)

Wish everyone in your neighborhood a Merry Sithmas with this illuminated Darth Vader wreath that’s made for any time of the year.

What You Need

  • Black grapevine wreath
  • Battery-powered red LED lights
  • Red, blue, grey, and green craft foam
  • 4-5 Darth Vader Easter eggs
  • Black spray paint
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

Get Started!

Begin by separating and spray painting the Darth Vader Easter eggs black. (You could also use Darth Vader action figures if you have those instead.) Let dry completely.

Next, hot glue the Darth Vaders around the wreath.

Next, cut several small green and red rectangles (about an inch and a half long). Hot glue them in pairs around the wreath; you can use an image reference if you’re the type who prefers accuracy.

Wrap the red LED wire around the wreath firmly, untangling it as you go. (This can be a long and frustrating process, so be prepared to draw on your patience.)

Hot glue the battery box for the LED lights firmly to the bottom of the wreath.

Cut blue, red, and grey rectangles approximately the same size as the ones you cut previously. Check the image reference again to hot glue them in the right order on the battery box.

Your Darth Vader wreath is complete!

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