Chain Chompikins Ornament

One of the first bosses you’ll encounter in Super Mario Odyssey is Madame Brood and her Chain Chompikins. Don’t let the cutesy name make you think this is a little, normal Chain Chomp. Chompikins is big, gold, and hungry! During the battle, Mario and Cappy will capture Chompikins in a fast-paced boss battle.

Capture your own Chain Chompikins with this easy DIY Super Mario Odyssey ornament, and hang him on the tree (or your game room doorknob) year after year.

What You Need

  • Round papier-mache ornament
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Gold, silver, red, white, and black acrylic paint
  • Blue enamel dot stickers
  • Red, silver, and brown craft foam
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paint brushes

Get Started!

Begin by painting the eyes and mouth shapes with the white acrylic paint. (If you have a hard time making circles, dip the end of a foam paint brush in the paint and use it as a stamp to make the circle.) Let dry.

Paint the rest of the ornament with the gold acrylic paint, and let dry.

Next, use the black acrylic paint to draw the lines to make Chompikins’ teeth, and then paint two small black circles on the blue enamel dot stickers. Let dry.

Paint small white dots on the black painted dots you just made to complete the eyes, and let dry.

Draw a Mario mustache shape on the brown craft foam and cut it out. Check the size against the ornament; you may need to trim it to get it to fit correctly.

Hot glue the mustache on to the ornament, and stick the painted enamel dot stickers on the white circles for the eyes.

Next, draw a cap brim shape on the red craft foam, and cut it out. Glue it to the top of the ornament near the hanger.

Very carefully, begin squeezing hot glue on the very top of the ornament until the glue reaches the cap brim. Make as round of a shape as possible, without letting the glue drip down the sides. Let cool completely.

(If the shape isn’t round and even, you can add a little more glue around it to finish it.)

While the glue is cooling, paint the toilet paper roll with silver acrylic paint and let dry.

Paint the cooled glue with the red acrylic paint and let dry; more than one layer of paint may be needed for coverage.

Paint a small white circle on the red cap, and after it dries, paint the “M” for Mario with red paint. Let all paint dry.

Next, cut the silver toilet paper roll lengthwise. Cut strips from the roll across the width, and hot glue them together in circle shapes to create a chain.

Cut a circle from the silver craft foam, and stick it on the back side of the ornament. Glue the silver chain you made to the silver foam.

Your Chain Chompkins ornament is complete!

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