Porg Pine Cone

The new stars of Star Wars may just be the adorable porgs making their way into fans’ hearts in The Last Jedi.

You don’t have to live on Ahch-To to see these cute creatures up close — you can make your own with pine cones, paint, and a few other items.

What You Need

  • Large pine cone
  • White and orange acrylic paint
  • White felt
  • Grey felt
  • Black buttons
  • Four orange chenille stems and one black chenille stem
  • Hot gun glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush

Get Started!

Begin by painting the front of the pine cone white, almost to the top of the cone. Let dry.

While the paint is drying, cut two identical-size wing shapes from the grey felt.

Cut a small piece of the black chenille and fold it in a U-shaped frown.

Twist two of the orange chenille stems together loosely, and then fold them in half. Twist the bent end together firmly, and then bend the stems for the porg’s ankle.

Four loose ends should be sticking out from the bottom. Fold the two on the outside under themselves once. Twist the two middle ends together firmly, then fold it under. There should be three toes.

Repeat with the other two orange stems.

Next, cut two small circles out of the white felt, slightly larger than the black buttons. Glue the black buttons to the white felt.

Paint the top of the porg’s head light orange, and let dry completely.

It’s time to assemble your porg cone! Hot glue the eyes and mouth to the front of the porg, and the two wings on either side.

Finally, glue the two legs on the bottom so that the porg cone sits flat. Your porg companion is complete!

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