Legend of Zelda Korok Toilet Paper Roll

If you’ve been exploring the windswept grass fields and snowcapped mountainsĀ of Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the little Koroks are a familiar sight to you by now. These little creatures hide under rocks and other hard to find places, but their little “Ya-ha-ha!” laugh makes it worth the search.

This Korok is much easier to find than the ones in Breath of the Wild, and the upcycled craft uses a toilet paper roll, green paper, and a little bit of the outdoors.

What You Need

  • Clean toilet paper roll
  • Light green cardstock paper
  • Brown and white washable paint
  • 5/8″ paper hole punch
  • Dark green and black markers
  • Small stick from outdoors
  • School glue (Optional)
  • Hot glue
  • Pencil

Get Started!

Begin by painting the toilet paper roll brown.

Next, mix a little of the white and brown paint, and then paint thin stripes or designs on the Korok’s body as desired. Let the paint dry completely.

Cut a piece of the light green cardstock paper approximately 4 inches by 4 inches. Fold it in half, and cut a leaf shape (similar to cutting out a heart). The leaf should be no taller lengthwise than 3 inches, or it won’t fit on the roll.

Save the leftover light green paper for a later step.

Next, use the dark green marker to draw a thick green line around the inside edge and down the middle. Then draw the thin leaf veins inside the leaf.

Fold the leaf in half, and slide it into the 5/8″ paper hole punch. Line up the paper so that the fold only goes as far as a half-circle. (Flip the punch over to see where the paper lines up.)

Punch a circle into the middle of the leaf.

Next, use a pencil to lightly draw the Korok’s face, using the game screenshot above as a reference and making any personalized changes as desired. (You can turn a frown upside-down, for example.)

When you’re satisfied with the face, use the black marker to color in the pencil.

Now that the toilet paper roll is dry, fold two of the top edges in toward each other to make two points at the top of the roll.

Use the school glue (for younger crafters) to glue the leaf on to the middle of the painted toilet paper roll, or use hot glue to attach it.

Cut two small leaf shapes from the light green paper you saved earlier.

Glue the small leaves to the top of the stick, and let cool (or dry).

Next, hot glue the stick to the side of the Korok’s body to make it look like it’s holding it.

Let the glue cool, and your Korok is complete! Ya-ha-ha!

Hide your Korok around the house or in the backyard for a fun game with the kids!

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