Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

Feel the Force flow through your Christmas tree this holiday season with this lightsaber training droid ornament! Luke battled one on the Millennium Falcon on the way to Alderaan, but your training droid will just add some Star Wars cheer to your tree.

Star Wars: A New Hope

This ornament craft uses just a non-breakable ornament, paint, paper, and glue, so even young Jedi can train their crafting skills with it.

What You Need

  • Papier-mâché ornament
  • Gray acrylic paint
  • Silver or grey cardstock
  • Maroon paint
  • Foam paint brush
  • Paint brushes
  • Medium-size clear gems (6)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Get Started!

Begin by painting the ball ornament grey. Let dry completely.

Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

Next, cut the silver or grey cardstock into 6 small pieces, measuring approximately 0.5″ by 1″.

Glue the 6 pieces horizontally, equal spaced apart, around the middle of the ornament. Let dry completely.

Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

Cut 18 pieces of silver or grey cardstock approximately 0.3″ by 0.75″.

Glue three strips vertically, approximately 1/4 from the top, centered between the gap between two of the pieces you glued previously.

Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

Skip the next gap, and then glue three more pieces. Let dry. Repeat again so that you have three groups of three silver strips around the top of the ornament, and let all glue dry completely.

Next, glue three strips approximately 1/4 from the bottom, centered between the gaps you skipped previously. Let dry.

Repeat until you have three groups of three strips around the bottom of the ornament. Let all glue dry completely.

Next, in the gaps you have remaining between the vertical paper strips, use the end of the foam paint brush as a stencil and stamp a maroon circle.

Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

Use a small paint brush to paint a small maroon cross shape through the circle.

Repeat until you have six maroon circles around the ornament. Let the paint dry completely.

Glue one of the clear gems in the maroon circle. Repeat for a total of six gems, and let the glue dry.

Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

Your lightsaber training droid ornament is complete!

Lightsaber Training Droid Ornament

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