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TIE Fighter Tote Bag

TIE Fighter Tote Bag

Whether you’re heading to the beach or to the library, you always need a good bag to go in style. Make your own Imperial-themed black tote bag with this easy DIY!

What You Need

  • Black canvas tote bag
  • White fabric spray paint
  • Red fabric paint
  • Kids T-shirt form or piece of cardboard
  • TIE Fighter template (link below)
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Pins

Get Started!

Begin by printing this TIE Fighter template and cutting it out carefully.

Next, place the cardboard or T-shirt form inside the bag.

Carefully pin the TIE Fighter template to the center of the bag, making sure the edges of the wings are secure against the fabric.

TIE Fighter Tote Bag

Use the white fabric spray and evenly spray around the TIE Fighter to create stars. Don’t use too much spray, or the paint may bleed through the paper template.

TIE Fighter Tote Bag

Let the paint dry completely and remove the template.

TIE Fighter Tote Bag

Next, to make it a SF TIE from The Force Awakens, use the red fabric paint and carefully draw and fill in a red semi-circle in the middle of the TIE Fighter. Let dry.

TIE Fighter Tote Bag

Repeat all steps on the other side if desired. Your TIE Fighter tote bag is complete!

TIE Fighter Tote Bag

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