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Princess Leia Bead Necklace

Princess Leia Bead Necklace

Princess Leia’s look is simple, iconic, and immediately recognizable. With just a few beads, string, and paint, you and the kids can create an adorable mini-Leia to wear proudly around your necks.

This craft can work well as a birthday party activity or part of a goodie bag for a Star Wars party.

What You Need

  • Assortment of wooden beads (found at Michael’s)
  • 6 white pony beads
  • Twine
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Paintbrush

Get Started!

Begin by selecting one large natural light wood bead from the assortment, and two smaller dark brown beads for Princess Leia’s buns.

Princess Leia Bead Necklace

Use the brown acrylic paint to create Leia’s hair on the top and back of her head. Make sure you position the two holes of the bead for the side of her head.

Princess Leia Bead Necklace

Let dry. Two or more coats may be needed for full coverage.

Next, use the black Sharpie marker to make Leia’s eyes.

leiabead-3Princess Leia Bead Necklace

Cut the twine at least 24″ long so that it can fit over your or your child’s head easily.

Princess Leia Bead Necklace

String three white pony beads, one bun, Leia’s face, the other bun, and the remaining white pony beads.

Princess Leia Bead Necklace

Tie the string at the ends, and your adorable, simple Princess Leia necklace is complete!

Princess Leia Bead Necklace

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