Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

No other mob in Minecraft captures the feeling of having a cold like the ghast. The next time you have a bad sniffle, reach for a tissue from a kindred spirit with this DIY ghast tissue box.

What You Need

  • Papier mache tissue box (found at Michael’s)
  • White, black, and gray washable paint
  • White crepe paper streamer
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors
  • Transparent tape

Get Started! 

Begin by painting the papier mache tissue box completely white. Apply a second coat if needed, and let dry.

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

Next, use the black paint to make lines for the eyes and mouth. You can use the edge of a piece of paper as a guide if needed.

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

Next, mix the white and back paint to make gray paint, or use gray paint to begin making the detailed design of the ghast. You can use this GIF for reference.

Begin with the design under the eyes and sides of the face. Let dry.

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

Paint the designs on both sides of the box.

Next, paint the lines on the top of the box with gray paint.

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

Lines on the back are next.

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

Cut four small pieces of the white crepe streamer, no longer than 6 inches in length. Tape them into the front inside of the tissue box.

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

Your ghast is complete!

Minecraft Ghast Tissue Box

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