Star Wars “Amps” Upcycled Droid

Upcycled Droid

A few items rounded up from around the house can be turned into a one-of-a-kind droid from The Force Awakens! Use a toilet paper roll and foil to make EGL-21, a droid nicknamed “Amps,” who calls Niima Outpost home.


(When Rey meets Finn, look for EGL-21 in the background!)

What You Need

  • Toilet paper roll
  • Aluminum foil
  • 4 plastic straws
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paper towel
  • Black enamel dot sticker
  • Blue Sharpie marker
  • Plastic bottle cap (larger than a soda bottle cap)
  • Scissors
  • School glue
  • Hot glue gun

Get Started!

Begin by lightly brushing the black acrylic paint across the foil with the paper towel. Rub it into the foil gently to give the foil a dirty, weathered look.

Upcycled Droid

Let the paint dry.

Next, cut a circle of the foil, large enough to cover the top of the roll with room to spare.

Draw a thin line of school glue around the top, and glue the circle of foil around the top of the roll.

Upcycled Droid

Use a pencil to poke a hole about an inch and a half below the top of the roll.

Upcycled Droid

Next, cut the foil to wrap around the toilet paper roll once with a little room to spare. Glue the foil and wrap it around.

Upcycled Droid

Let all the school glue dry.

Stick the pencil, eraser end first, into the tube to gently push the foil outward. (It should create a slightly rounded top.)

Upcycled Droid

Wrap one straw in foil, and cut to a few inches long. Push it into the hole you poked with the pencil earlier.

Stick one enamel black dot stick just above and to the right of it.

Upcycled Droid

Cut a small strip of foil, about an inch and a half wide and long enough to wrap around the tube once. Fold down the edges so that they’re not sharp.

Use the blue Sharpie to draw a line down the middle of the strip.

Upcycled Droid

Glue the strip around the middle of the toilet paper roll.

Upcycled Droid

Wrap the bottle cap in foil.

Next, use the hot glue to glue three straws together and wrap them in foil. Let cool.

Upcycled Droid

Cut the three straws into two piece approximately an inch and a half long.

Upcycled Droid

Hot glue the two straw pieces for legs to the inside of the tube.

Hot glue the bottom of the legs to the wrapped bottle cap.

Upcycled Droid

Let all glue dry and cool, and your EGL-21 power droid is complete! Give it to the kids to act out their favorite scenes on Jakku.

Upcycled Droid

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