Critical Role Trinket Bookmark

Trinket Bookmark

If you haven’t heard of Critical Role yet, you’re in for a treat (and a possible YouTube binge)! The weekly show on Geek & Sundry showcases the fun you can have when a group of friends play Dungeons & Dragons. Oh, and these players happen to be voice actors who really get into character, so settle in for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The half-elven ranger Vex’ahlia has a beloved companion on her journey, Trinket the bear. You can take a Trinket along with you on YOUR adventures with this DIY bookmark!

What You Need

  • Brown cardstock
  • Silver cardstock or scrapbook paper
  • Trinket template (link below)
  • Black enamel dot
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Get Started!

Begin by printing and cutting out this Trinket template, preferably on cardstock.

Trinket Bookmark

Next, cut a strip of brown cardstock approximately 1.5″ wide and 4.5″ long.

Trinket Bookmark

Next, trace the head twice on the brown cardstock and cut out the pieces.

Trinket Bookmark

Trace and cut the armor pieces out of the metallic silver scrapbook paper. Cut four pieces of the largest armor “plate.”

Trinket Bookmark

Next, glue the three-pronged armor piece to the top of Trinket’s head.

Trinket Bookmark

Glue the small rounded triangle shape on top of it, lining up the curve to the top of Trinket’s head. Let dry.

Trinket Bookmark

Next, glue one of the larger armor pieces to the top of the brown cardstock strip, approximately 1 cm from the top.

Trinket Bookmark

Flip the brown cardstock strip over. Glue another large armor piece starting approximately 3 cm from the top. Glue two more pieces on top, staggering them about a centimeter apart to give the armor a true plated look.

Trinket Bookmark

Let all glue dry.

Next, place a small black enamel dot sticker for Trinket’s nose. Use the black marker to draw his eyes.

Trinket Bookmark

Next, glue Trinket’s head to the top of the brown cardstock strip (the side with just one armor plate).

Trinket Bookmark

Flip the bookmark over, and glue the other head piece to the back of Trinket’s head.

Trinket Bookmark

Let all glue dry, and your Trinket bookmark is complete!

Trinket Bookmark

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