Ms. Marvel Journal

Ms. Marvel Journal

One of the best new characters in recent comic book history is Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel. If you can bear to cut up one of your back issues (or even better, buy a second copy), Ms. Marvel can grace the cover of your very own DIY journal.

What You Need

  • Blank journal (preferably with an untreated cardboard cover)
  • Ms. Marvel #13
  • Yellow cardstock
  • Ms. Marvel logo template (link below)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush

Get Started!

Begin by leafing through your (hopefully second copy) issue of Ms. Marvel 13. Any issue will do, but for this craft, Ms. Marvel 13 had plenty of action shots both in and out of costume.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Cut your favorite panels and the cover.

Arrange them on the front cover until you have a set that covers it completely. Try to avoid placing Kamala’s face in the middle of the cover, as it will likely be covered up later when you glue the symbol in the middle.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Next, use the Mod Podge to glue the panels to the cardboard cover. Try to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles before the Mod Podge sets. Let dry.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Next, print this Ms. Marvel logo template and cut it out.

Trace the template (flipped over so that the pencil lines don’t show when cut) on the yellow cardstock. Cut it out.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Next, use the Mod Podge to glue the symbol to the front cover.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Next, cover the entire cover in a thin layer of Mod Podge. Let dry.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Flip over the book and repeat the process on the back cover.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Apply the Mod Podge and let dry.

Ms. Marvel Journal

Your Ms. Marvel journal is complete! You can now take notes in school, doodle, and draw like a superhero.

Ms. Marvel Journal

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