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1-Up Mushroom Pin

1-Up Mushroom Pin

Need a subtle hint of green to wear this St. Patrick’s Day? Give your favorite bag or outfit an extra life with this easy-to-make 1-Up mushroom pin.

What You Need

  • Green craft foam (sticky back)
  • White craft foam (not sticky back)
  • White enamel dot stickers
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Safety pin
  • Mushroom template (link below)

Get Started!

Begin by printing this template for the two craft foam pieces you’ll be cutting. Cut them from the paper.

Trace the larger mushroom shape on the white craft foam and cut it out.

1-Up Mushroom Pin

Trace the smaller mushroom cap shape on the green craft foam and cut it out.

1-Up Mushroom Pin

Remove the paper backing and carefully stick the green foam on top of the white foam, lining up the edges.

1-Up Mushroom Pin

Next, place three white enamel dot stickers on the bottom half of the green mushroom cap. Stick two smaller enamel dots above them.

Use the black marker to draw the mushroom’s eyes.

1-Up Mushroom Pin

Flip the mushroom over. Use the hot glue gun to affix the safety pin on the back, with the side that opens facing up.

1-Up Mushroom Pin

Let the glue cool, and your 1-Up mushroom pin is finished!

1-Up Mushroom Pin

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