Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Small square bulletin boards couldn’t be better suited to become Minecraft blocks. Paint and a little imagination can turn these bulletin boards into one-of-a-kind¬†Minecraft¬†blocks for your kids’ rooms.

What You Need

  • Four-pack of 6 inch bulletin boards (found at Michael’s)
  • Acrylic paint:
    • Grass block: two shades of green
    • Pig: Two shades of pink, red
    • Enderman: Black, two shades of purple
    • Creeper: Black, two shades of green
  • White and black acrylic paint
  • Green and pink glitter paint (optional)
  • Foam paintbrush or wooden block
  • Paintbrushes

Get Started!

Each bulletin board can be completed one by one, or in stages while you wait for the paint on another board to dry. This how-to presumes you’ll work in stages while allowing paint to dry.

Begin by cutting the tip of a foam paintbrush to make a square shape. Using this brush as a stamp works well, but can be messy. If you have 1″ wooden blocks to spare, they make cleaner stamps.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Begin by stamping light green squares on the grass block bulletin board.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Use the darker green paint to stamp more squares to complete the pattern on the grass block. (Painting the foam brush to load it up with paint makes a more accurate square shape.) Let the paint dry completely.

Next, paint one bulletin board square completely pink. Let dry.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

While the pink paint is drying, paint another bulletin board square completely black.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Paint the last square completely green for the creeper.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Once the pink bulletin board is dry, use the white and black paint to stamp the eyes for the pig.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Next, mix the pink paint with a little black to stamp darker pink squares for a pixelated look.

Mix the pink paint with a little red and stamp two squares in the middle for the pig’s nose. (Use a paintbrush to cleanup the squares as needed.)

Stamp a dark pink between the two squares for the nose. Let all paint dry.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Next, use the black paint to create the creeper‘s face.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Use the light green paint and stamp squares for the pixelated look. Let dry.

Next, use the light purple acrylic paint for two long rectangle’s for the enderman‘s eyes. Let dry.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

My 7-year-old insisted on a little glitter, which also adds to the pixelated look. Use the green glitter acrylic paint on the grass block and creeper face. Let dry.

Use the pink glitter paint on the pig bulletin board and let dry.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Finally, use the darker purple paint on your square stamp to complete the enderman’s eyes. Use a paintbrush to clean it up as needed.

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

Allow all bulletin boards to dry, and they’re ready to hang!

Minecraft Bulletin Boards

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