Rey Clothespin Doll


We have a lot of new characters to love from The Force Awakens, and Rey is one of them. While merchandise featuring the lead of the movie is a little hard to find, it’s easy to make your own little clothespin doll!

What You Need


  • Clothespin
  • 3 small brown pony beads (7mm)
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Cream embroidery thread
  • Brown embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black thin marker

Get Started!

Begin by painting Rey’s hair on the top of the clothespin. Let dry.


Begin wrapping the cream thread around the “body” of the clothespin. If young kids are making the doll, you can use cream-colored paint for the body and brown paint for the boots to make this craft simpler.


Continue wrapping the thread around the body and down one “leg” of the clothespin.


Stop wrapping the leg near the bottom, leaving enough space to make Rey’s boot.

Use the hot glue gun very sparingly to glue the end of the thread to the clothespin.


Wrap the other leg of the clothespin, stopping at the same point as the first leg. Glue the end of the thread to the pin.

Next, wrap the brown thread around the bottom of the leg for Rey’s boot. Glue the end of the thread to the pin.


Repeat on the other leg.

Next, cut a piece of brown thread long enough to wrap around Rey’s waist once for the belt. Tie the thread into a knot, and cut the thread leaving about an inch of thread on each end.


Use the hot glue to affix the three brown pony beads to the back of Rey’s head. Start with the bottom bead and work your way up to make sure you don’t run out of room.


Finally, use the thin black marker to make eyes, eyebrows, and a mouth for Rey. (The pen I used below bled into the wood grain, so I recommend using a Sharpie.)


Your Rey clothespin doll is complete!


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