Minecraft Creeper Ornament

Minecraft Creeper Ornament

Not every ornament on your Christmas tree needs to be round and bubbly — they can be blocky, too! And there are no better blocks out there than the ones you find in Minecraft. You and the kids can make a simple, festive green Creeper ornament to add your love of Minecraft to the tree this year.

What You Need

  • Cube papier-mâché ornament (found at Michael’s)
  • Light green and dark green acrylic paint
  • Green glitter acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Takeout chopsticks
  • Paint brush

Get Started!

Begin by painting the papier-mâché cube with the light green paint, including the bottom. Paint a second coat if needed, and let it dry.

Minecraft Creeper Ornament

Next, paint the entire cube with the green glitter, and allow to dry.

Minecraft Creeper Ornament

Next, dip the larger end of the takeout chopsticks in the dark green paint, and use it as a stamp to make small squares on the ornament. Let the green paint dry.

Minecraft Creeper Ornament

Finally, use the black paint to make the Creeper’s face on the front of the ornament, and let dry. Your Creeper is complete!

Minecraft Creeper Ornament

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