Super Mario Bros. Bob-omb Ornament

Bob-omb Christmas Ornament

These little guys might drive you crazy in Super Mario Bros., but when a Bob-omb is snuggled in a Christmas tree, it looks right at home!

What You Need

  • Round papier-mâché ornament (found at Michael’s)
  • Navy blue, silver, and white acrylic paint
  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • Medium size yellow or tan pom-poms
  • Yellow or golden pipe cleaner
  • Hot glue
  • Elmer’s glue (optional)
  • Clothespin (optional)

Get Started!

Begin by painting the round ornament navy blue. You may need two coats for full coverage. Set aside to dry by resting it on top of one of the toilet paper roll tubes. (This prevents it from rolling around or getting stuck to the paper or table.)

Bob-omb Ornament

Paint the bottom half of the other toilet paper roll silver on the inside and outside. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Bob-omb Ornament

Use the white acrylic paint to paint two eyes on the front of the ornament. Let dry.

Bob-omb Ornament

Next, cut the silver toilet paper in half vertically, and then cut a strip of the painted half about half an inch thick.

Bob-omb Ornament

Form the strip into a circle about 1.25 inches in diameter. Use the hot glue, or, if kids are making the ornament, Elmer’s glue to hold the ends together. If using Elmer’s glue, use the clothespin to hold the circle together while it dries.

Bob-omb Ornament

While the silver circle is drying, flip the ornament over and use the toilet paper roll to hold it in place. Use the hot glue to attach the two pom-poms on the bottom of the ornament. Place them slightly above the bottom on the front side.

Bob-omb Ornament

Flip the ornament right-side up. Use the hot glue (sparingly) to attach the silver circle to the top of the ornament, with the string hanger in the middle.

Bob-omb Ornament

Next, fold the yellow pipe cleaner once in half. Then bend the half-shaped pipe cleaner into a circle. Twist the circle into a figure-8 to form the “key” on the back of the Bob-omb.

Bob-omb Ornament

Use the hot glue to attach the pipe cleaner to the back of the ornament. Your Bob-omb is complete!

Bob-omb Christmas Ornament

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