Stormtrooper Watercolor Painting

Stormtrooper Watercolor Painting

Have you ever looked at a stark stormtrooper and thought, “That guy could use a splash of color!” If so, this is your chance to put your own spin on a stormtrooper with this creative watercolor painting perfect for you and the kids.

What You Need

Stormtrooper Watercolor Painting

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolors
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Sharpie
  • Stormtrooper template (link below)

Get Started!

Begin by drawing a First Order stormtrooper with the Black Sharpie marker, or by printing this stormtrooper template to trace. (The original drawing is Captain Phasma from the fantastic Star Wars Reads Day activity kit.)

If you print the template, you may want to holdĀ it againstĀ the window to see the lines under the thick watercolor paper. Trace the stormtrooper with the Black Sharpie marker.

Stormtrooper Watercolor Painting

Add two lines on the bottom of the stormtrooper helmet to add even more color to the painting. Color in the eyes completely with the black marker.

Stormtrooper Watercolor Painting

You’re ready to begin painting! There’s no wrong way to paint the helmet, but painting in every section makes a very colorful trooper.

Stormtrooper Watercolor Painting

Finish the painting, including the background, and let it dry completely.

Stormtrooper Watercolor Painting

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