Princess Leia Bookmark for Star Wars Reads Day

Princess Leia Bookmark

It’s Star Wars Reads Day! Grab your favorite Star Wars books and snuggle up on the couch to celebrate literacy and the galaxy far, far away. You and the kids can take a reading break to make this adorable Princess Leia bookmark to save your spot.

What You Need

Princess Leia Bookmark

  • Tan, white, and brown cardstock
  • Black enamel dot stickers
  • Scissors
  • School glue
  • Black marker or pen
  • Silver marker

Get Started!

Begin by tracing a circle shape on the tan cardstock for Leia’s face. I used a tea light as my template.

Princess Leia Bookmark

Trace the circle shape¬†on the brown paper, and add Leia’s buns on the sides. Cut out the hair. Trace the hair on the brown paper and cut it out as well, giving you two bun shapes.

Princess Leia Bookmark

Cut bangs into one of the buns.

Princess Leia Bookmark

Next, use a ruler to cut two white strips about 4.5″ long and 1.25″ wide for the body. Cut a smaller strip for Leia’s neck.

Princess Leia Bookmark

Your pieces should all be cut and ready to assemble.

Princess Leia Bookmark

Glue Leia’s neck to the body first. Next, glue Leia’s head on top of the neck.

Princess Leia Bookmark

Glue the other white strip on top of the neck and white strip.

Next, glue Leia’s bangs and hair to the front of her face, and the solid brown buns for the back.

Princess Leia Bookmark

Use the silver marker to draw Leia’s belt on the front white strip.

Place two enamel dots for Leia’s eyes.

Use the black marker or pen to draw Leia’s smile. Your bookmark is complete!

Princess Leia Bookmark

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