Minecraft Jack O’ Lantern

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Turn your jack o’ lantern suncatcher into a Minecraft jack o’ lantern by upcycling an empty tissue box!

What You Need

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Get Started!

If you haven’t already, follow the instructions for the suncatcher and allow it to dry completely.

Next, cut one side of the tissue box, leaving a small border about 1/2″ wide. Leave the tissue opening at the bottom so you can fit the small light inside later.

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Cut small squares of the orange and brown construction paper all approximately the same size.

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Spread a thin layer of school glue and cover each side of the tissue box with the squares.

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Next, cut three small strips of orange paper to cover the front opening of the box.

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Glue the suncatcher to the front of the jack o’ lantern and allow all the glue to dry completely.

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern

Your jack o’ lantern is complete! Set the small battery-powered light inside.

Minecraft Jack O' Lantern


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