Chewbacca Handprint Painting

Chewbacca Handprint Painting

Chewie, is that you?

A small hand turns into a furry Wookiee with just a little bit of paint and a black marker in this fun Star Wars craft!

What You Need

Handprint Painting

  • Brown, black, and white washable paint (Crayola recommended)
  • Black marker
  • Paper
  • Paintbrush

Get Started!

Begin making Chewbacca’s head and face by painting the palm and fingers brown.

Chewbacca Handprint Painting

Press the palm with fingers tightly together to the paper.

Chewbacca Handprint Painting

Allow the brown paint to dry completely.

Next, use the black marker to draw Chewie’s eyes, nose, and smile. Add two little fangs to the smile.

Chewbacca Handprint Painting

Use a small amount of white paint on the paint brush to paint the fangs white. (I used the end of the paintbrush for a small dot of paint.)

Close to Chewbacca’s “neck,” use the paint brush to paint his black bandolier.

Chewbacca Handprint Painting

When the black paint is dry, paint the small white rectangles to finish the bandolier. Chewbacca is complete—what a Wookiee!

Chewbacca Handprint Painting

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