Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

This week I asked my 6-year-old what she’d like to make, and she devised a toilet paper roll craft all on her own: an Enderman from Minecraft! Make a tall, eerie Enderman to creep around your kid’s room with just toilet paper rolls, paint, pipe cleaners, and sequins.

What You Need

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

  • Two toilet paper rolls
  • Black paint
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • Pink or purple large sequins
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors

Get Started!

Begin by painting the two clean toilet paper rolls with the black paint.

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Cut two opposite sides of two large pink sequins to create the Enderman’s rectangular eyes.

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

Glue the eyes to the top of one of the black toilet paper rolls, and let dry.

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

Next, cut the black pipe cleaner in half. It should be two long pieces, as the Enderman has very long, spindly arms!

Poke two holes in the sides of the roll with the eyes, and wiggle the pipe cleaners into the roll.

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

Next, make two small cuts in the top of the other toilet paper roll.

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

Squeeze the top to make it small enough to slide into the toilet paper roll with the eyes and arms. (It might take a little force to get it to fit snugly.)

Finally, cut two long legs into the bottom toilet paper roll. They should be wide and sturdy enough to support the Enderman.

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll

And your monster is complete!

Enderman Toilet Paper Roll


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