BB-8 Glitter Globe

BB-8 Glitter Globe

Force Friday is over, and the unofficial star of the day was the plucky droid BB-8. While you might not have been able to take home an electronic BB-8 toy, you can make your own version of the droid—with glitter! Make a BB-8 globe filled with glitter and a Star Wars toy for a unique spin on everyone’s new favorite droid.

What You Need

BB-8 Glitter Globe

  • DIY snow globe jar, found at Michael’s (now in the holiday section) or Oriental Trading Company
  • One half of a small clear plastic ornament, also found at Michael’s
  • Large silver glitter
  • Orange glitter
  • White, silver, black, and orange acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Small Star Wars vehicle, like the new Micro Machines
  • Super glue or Elmer’s glue
  • Clear dish soap or glycerine

Get Started!

Begin by covering the ornament half in white paint. Two coats may be needed for full coverage. Set aside to dry.

BB-8 Glitter Globe

While BB-8’s head is drying, sprinkle the silver and orange glitter inside the globe.

BB-8 Glitter Globe

Add the small Star Wars figure, in my case an X-Wing, by dropping it inside. I did not glue the ship to the lid of the globe so that it could “fly” around with the glitter. If you choose to glue the figure to keep it stationary, follow the directions included with the DIY globe.

Next, add about a teaspoon of the clear dish soap or glycerine inside the globe.

BB-8 Glitter Globe

Slowly fill the globe with water, and follow the included directions for sealing the globe properly to prevent any leaking.

BB-8 Glitter Globe

When the white paint is dry, use the silver, black, and orange paint to add the details of BB-8’s head. (If you’re a stickler for accuracy, use this photo for reference.)

BB-8 Glitter Globe

Once the paint is completely dry, use the glue to attach BB-8’s head on top of the globe. I used Elmer’s glue, but super glue might work even better if kids will be giving BB-8 frequent shakes.

BB-8 Glitter Globe

Allow the glue to dry completely, and your BB-8 glitter globe is finished!

BB-8 Glitter Globe

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