Baby Groot Bookmark

Baby Groot Bookmark

I am Groot!

Whether you need a bookmark for curling up on fall nights with a good book, or you need a comforting familiar face poking out of a textbook when you go back to school, this simple craft is for you! Make a uniquely textured Groot bookmark to snuggle in the pages of your favorite book.

What You Need

Baby Groot Bookmark

  • Brown, white, and green cardstock
  • Black enamel dot stickers (like these from Doodlebug)
  • Black marker
  • School glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil (optional)

Get Started!

Use the pencil or freehand cut Baby Groot’s head from the brown cardstock. Cut 4-5 triangular points in the top of the head.

Baby Groot Bookmark

Cut a straight strip of brown cardstock approximately 6 inches long and an inch and a half wide. Next, cut the strip into Baby Groot’s wavy body.

Cut a trapezoid shape from the white cardstock to make Baby Groot’s pot.

Baby Groot Bookmark

Glue Baby Groot’s head on the top of the body, and the pot on the bottom.

Glue the green leaves on the tips of the points on Groot’s head.

Place two black enamel dots for Baby Groot’s eyes, and use the black marker to give him a smile.

Baby Groot Bookmark

Next, use the school glue to draw texture lines on Baby Groot’s head and body. Draw straight lines for the face, and wavy lines for Baby Groot’s twisted body.

Baby Groot Bookmark

Allow the glue to dry, and your Baby Groot bookmark is complete!

Baby Groot Bookmark

Baby Groot Bookmark

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