Princess Leia Handprint Painting

Princess Leia Handprint Painting

The handprint painting fun continues, this time with Princess Leia! Her Worshipfulness is made with just a few colors of paint and a black marker, and comes complete with a hairstyle just as memorable as the real Princess Leia.

What You Need 

Princess Leia Handprint Painting

  • Washable brown and peach paint
  • Silver paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker
  • Paper

Get Started!

Begin by painting the right palm peach. Next, paint each finger brown. (The brown we used turned out looking reddish when it dried, so you might want to try a darker brown to match Leia’s color.)

Princess Leia Handprint Painting

Press the palm to the paper.

Next, paint the same colors on the left hand. Place the palm over the palm you just painted to make Leia’s face.

Princess Leia Handprint Painting

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Princess Leia Handprint Painting

Next, draw Leia’s face, belt, dress, and boots.

Use the peach paint to press two fingerprints for hands.

And finally, use the silver paint to paint dots on Princess Leia’s belt. The handprint painting is complete!

Princess Leia Handprint Painting

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