Cyborg Pencil Topper

Cyborg Pencil Topper

If the kids need some encouragement in the middle of a pop quiz, or you might need a smile when you’re writing up your grocery list, Cyborg can get the job done! Stick Cyborg’s grinning face on the top of your pencil and your kids just might yell “BOOYAH!” when their homework is done. Titans, GO!

What You Need

Cyborg Pencil Topper

  • Cyborg template (link below)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Clear packing tape

Get Started!

Download and print this Cyborg face, adapted from the Teen Titans GO! coloring pack on DC Fan Family.


Use the crayons or markers to color in Cyborg. (You don’t have to color the cybernetic eye, but you can if you’d like.)

Cyborg Pencil Topper

Next, cut the face out.

Cyborg Pencil Topper

Tear one piece of clear packing tape, and place it sticky side up on the table. Carefully place Cyborg face-down into the sticky side of the tape.

Cyborg Pencil Topper

Tear another piece of tape, and place it on the sticky side of the other tape so that both sticky sides adhere to each other. This should protect the topper when it bounces around inside a backpack and prevent it from tearing when you stick it on the pencil.

Trim the excess packing tape from the “laminated” face.

Next, use a standard-sized hole punch to cut a small hole through Cyborg’s robot eye.

Cyborg Pencil Topper

Wiggle a pencil (preferably with a red eraser) through the hole, and your pencil topper is complete!

Cyborg Pencil Topper

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