Enderman Handprint Painting

Enderman Handprint Painting

After the fun we had with the Yoda handprint painting,┬ámy six-year-old and I started brainstorming about making a Minecraft-themed handprint. It’s not easy to make one with everything in the game square-shaped, after all! Together we came up with this handprint painting of an Enderman. Die-hard fans will love getting their hands dirty for this creepy painted Minecraft monster.

What You Need

Enderman Handprint Painting

  • White drawing or painting paper
  • Washable black and purple paint
  • Paint brush
  • Purple paper
  • Purple marker
  • Glue

Get Started!

Begin by painting your hand black, except for the ring finger. Leave that finger clean.

Enderman Handprint Painting

Paint a square shape on your forearm for the Enderman’s head.

Enderman Handprint Painting

Press your hand to the paper, making sure to press firmly on the wrist as well.

Remove your hand and allow the black handprint to dry.

Next, cut two small purple rectangles for the eyes. Use the purple marker to draw the pupils in the middle. Glue the eyes in the middle of the head.

Finally, dip your finger in purple paint, and make fingerprints on the paper to create the particle effect that surrounds the Enderman. Your painting is complete!

Enderman Handprint Painting

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