Totoro Paper Portrait

Totoro Paper Portrait

Ever since she was a preschooler, my daughter has enjoyed making shredded paper portraits. We’ve made owls, cats, even a Wookiee! After watching My Neighbor Totoro┬átogether this week, we realized┬áthat the fluffy Totoro would make another great subject for a paper portrait. Young Miyazaki fans will get a kick out of this simple and fun shredded paper portrait.

What You Need

Totoro Paper Portrait

  • White cardstock
  • Green, gray, and white construction paper
  • Scissors
  • School glue
  • Pencil
  • Black marker

Get Started!

The first step may be the most fun: shredding the gray, green, and white paper into small squares. Before you rip all of the white paper, cut two small circles for the eyes.

Totoro Paper Portrait

Our portrait featured Totoro perched on top of a tree, so we began by drawing the rough shapes of the treetop and Totoro as a guide.

Totoro Paper Portrait

Get started with the tree leaves first. Spread the glue across the bottom of the page (another delightful activity for any young kid) and stick the green pieces of paper for the treetop.

Next, spread the glue for Totoro’s body, and stick the gray pieces to cover it. Don’t forget the ears!

Totoro Paper Portrait

Finally, spread the glue on Totoro’s tummy and stick on the shredded white pieces of construction paper. Use three or four pieces of the gray paper for the design on his stomach.

Totoro Paper Portrait

Use the black marker to draw pupils on the white circles, and glue them on top of the gray pieces.

Totoro Paper Portrait

Allow the glue to dry. Or if your child is excited like my daughter was, the final step can carefully be done while the glue is still wet. Draw a small nose between the two eyes, and if desired, whiskers to complete the portrait.

Totoro Paper Portrait

And, don’t forget, like all projects here on the The Start Button, grownups can get in on the fun, too!

Totoro Paper Portrait

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