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Splatoon Squid Hairclip

Squid Hairclip

Splatoon from Nintendo boasts its own unique style, and your Inkling can take their fashion out of the game and into the real world with this fun little squid hairclip. You don’t need an amiibo to unlock this exclusive accessory–just craft foam and googly eyes!

What You Need

Squid Hairclip

  • White craft foam with adhesive backing
  • Black craft foam
  • Squid template (link below)
  • Gray or silver paint marker
  • Two googly eyes (8mm)
  • Hair clip
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun (or school glue for kids)

Get Started!

Begin by printing this squid hairclip template.

Cut both shapes out of the paper.

Trace the black “S” shape on the black foam, and cut it out.

Squid Hairclip

Next, trace the gray “S” shape on the white craft foam.

Use the gray or silver paint marker to draw small circles on the lower half of the shape.

Squid Hairclip

Allow the paint to dry for a minute or two, and then cut the shape from the white craft foam.

Next, peel the backing to stick the white foam shape on top of the black shape to make the squid. Cut the black outline to fit if adjustments are needed.

Squid Hairclip

Use the school glue or hot glue to stick the googly eyes on top of the squid’s body.

Finally, use the hot glue gun to adhere the squid to the middle of the hair clip. Your squid hairclip is finished!

Squid Hairclip

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  1. This looks great! ^O^ I was thinking of cosplaying an inkling, and I wanted to add the hair clip to it. This is great! ^O^ Do you mind if I use the template to cut it out with an electronic die cutting machine to make it out of paper? Just curious! ^^

  2. This is really neat! I love playing Splatoon and always will! I absolutely love your creative ideas, specially for all the pencil holders and all those container stuff. Even though I am older, I still want to make them because it will help my room be a LOT less of a mess!

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