Minecraft Sheep Art

Minecraft Sheep

Here’s another pixelated portrait, this time with some texture! Use paper, cotton balls, and glue to make a fun, fuzzy, and funky picture of a Minecraft sheep. This is another simple art project that preschool Minecraft fans will get a kick out of piecing together.

What You Need

Minecraft Sheep

  • Sheep template (link below)
  • Black, brown, pink, and white or grey cardstock for cutting
  • White sheet of cardstock for printing
  • Cotton balls
  • School glue
  • Scissors

Get Started!

Begin by printing this Minecraft sheep template on cardstock. You can also print on regular printer paper, and then glue the template on the piece of white cardstock.

Minecraft Sheep

Next, cut out small squares of the color cardstock to fit over the squares. You’ll need 10 grey or white squares, 2 black, 4 pink, and 18 brown.

Minecraft Sheep

Glue each square into the appropriate spot on the template.

Minecraft Sheep

Next, draw a thick line of school glue around the sheep’s face. Stick the cotton balls along the edge.

Minecraft Sheep

Allow the glue to dry completely, and your sheep is done!

Minecraft Sheep


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