She-Hulk Clothespin Doll


Like every fan of the Marvel Universe, this month I have the Avengers on the brain! Marvel’s A-Force series, coming in May, is just as exciting as Age of Ultron hitting theaters on May 1.

I was inspired to make a clothespin doll for my daughter, a small version of one of the best Avengers now in the front and center of the A-Force: She-Hulk!

What You Need


  • Clothespin (doll pin)
  • Green paint
  • Dark green, purple, and white embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or school glue
  • Black Sharpie marker

Get Started!

Begin by painting the clothespin green for the head and legs. You can paint the entire pin, but some of the green may peek through the boots.


I chose a sparkly green paint because I like to think She-Hulk is a gal who appreciates a little glitter.

Allow the paint to completely dry before continuing.

Slowly wrap white thread around the curved “neck” of the doll, and glue the end into place.

Next, wrap purple thread around the “body,” stopping just below the top of the notch to make shorts for Shulkie. Glue the end of the thread into place.

Wrap and glue another piece of white thread for a belt.


Next, wrap white thread around each “foot” to make She-Hulk’s white boots (or sneakers if you prefer). Gluing the thread here can be tricky, so be patient and do your best to line up the thread correctly so that the pin can still balance and stand on its own.

Cut the dark green thread into several small pieces, about 4-5 inches in length, to form the hair. Cut one more piece of green thread to tie the hair in the middle.


Hot glue the hair on top of the pin. Spread the hair evenly around the head, gluing more to the back of the head to create the hairstyle and hold it in place. You may need to give her a quick trim to even out the length.

Now it’s time to add her face for the final step! I suggest practicing on a piece of paper a few times to get the look you’d like just right.


And She-Hulk is ready for action!

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