Lightsaber Magnets

Clothespin Lightsaber Magnets

The Force is with us today because the Star Wars films are now out in digital HD! To celebrate, here’s a simple craft with paint, clothespins, and magnets that grownups and kids can do together. You don’t need a Jedi mind trick to remember your to-do’s, homework, and more—just use these lightsaber magnets to stick your important papers on the fridge!

What You Need

Lightsaber Magnets

  • Round clothespins (doll pins)
  • Small magnets
  • Black tape (3/4″ wide)
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Other acrylic paint colors (your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Get Started!

Lightsaber Magnets

Paint the bottom of the clothespin silver, up to the part of the pin where the notch begins. It may require two coats to completely cover the wood. Stand the pin on its end to let the silver paint dry completely before painting the blade.

Next, choose your lightsaber blade color. There’s no wrong choice—it’s all up to the Jedi making the lightsaber!

Lightsaber Magnets

Allow the paint to dry completely again.

Next, cut a small, thin strip of black tape (I used electrical tape) to tape around the pin where the hilt meets the blade. The width of the tape is also up to the crafter, but covering the edges of the silver and color paint will give the saber a clean look. Be sure not to cover the notch in the pin with the tape so that it can still hold paper firmly.

Cut another strip of the tape, full width, to cover the bottom of the hilt where the wood is beveled. This should make the hilt look like one solid cylinder.

Lightsaber Magnets

Then heat up the glue gun, and affix the magnet on the “back” of the lightsaber hilt. Place the magnet in the center of the pin so that the slot will be straight up or down when placed on the refrigerator.

Lightsaber Magnets

Once the hot glue has cooled, your magnet is complete! Just slide papers inside to use the lightsaber magnet to hold reminders, homework, artwork and more on your refrigerator.

Lightsaber Magnets

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