That’s No Moon, That’s a Death Star Painting!

Death Star

Often on the hunt for fun crafts for my six-year-old, I find gems like this moon masterpiece on I Heart Crafty Things. Of course, as a Star Wars fan, the first thing I thought was, “That’s no moon… that’s a space station!”

So I adapted the ingenious original craft into a textured Death Star painting that should be a blast for young Star Wars fans.

What You Need

  • Grey or silver paint
  • White cardstock
  • Black construction paper or cardstock
  • 1 teaspoon of flour
  • Empty, clean soda can or yogurt cup
  • Toothpicks
  • Bowl
  • Star Wars macaroni (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Get Started!

Begin by tracing the bowl on the white cardstock to get a close-to-perfect circle, and cut it out. This is always good practice for my kindergartener; she needs all the scissors practice she can get. Glue the circle to the black paper.


Next, drop the teaspoon of flour and paint on a paper plate to mix together. Keep adding paint until you get the desired consistency.


Paint the white circle with the textured grey paint.

My daughter took the opportunity to exercise her own creativity by adding pink paint to flour instead. “I’m making the Love Star,” she declared. “It’s scarier than the Death Star because it makes you fall in love with someone.”


While the paint is still wet, use the yogurt cup to press a circle into the textured paint. This should create a circle impression. Next, use a toothpick to draw a trench across the middle.

Death Star

Finally, add some details to the space around the Death Star while the textured paint dries. Use a toothpick dipped in white paint for stars. We had some Star Wars Kraft macaroni in the pantry and I couldn’t resist adding a few X-wings going in for the trench run.

Death Star

Meanwhile, my six-year-old finished the Love Star with a few stars around it as well.

Love Star

I hope you and your kids have fun with your own creative takes on the Death Star!

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