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Make a Hogwarts Robe and Wand for Under $10

Hogwarts Robe

For my daughter’s last birthday, we wanted to re-create the magic of Harry Potter without making our entire savings not-so-magically disappear. Thanks to the wonderful creativity of crafters on Pinterest, I was able to put together robes and wands for every party attendee. Here’s how to make Hogwarts robes and personalized wand for just a few dollars.


You can’t have Hogwarts students without proper robes, but at $30-$40 a pop for the licensed costumes, there was no way we could afford to get one for every guest. Pinterest to the rescue! Pieces by Polly has the genius idea of turning adult XL black T-shirts into robes with very little sewing. Simply make the sleeves longer with cutting the sides, cut the middle to make the robe opening, and add a button on top.

I don’t own a sewing machine, so I sewed nine robes by hand, but I got started early so it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of work. You can find black T-shirts at a craft store like Michael’s for $3-$4 each.


Wands can also be expensive if you look for official merchandise, or you can make your own for practically free that can withstand a lot of dueling during the party.

All it takes is chopsticks, hot glue, and paint to craft a wand. There are quite a few tutorials out there, but one of the best can be found at Give Peas a Chance.


Venture over to GeekMom to find out more about the crafts and party games we played!

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